Sunday, October 21, 2012

Punishment and Humiliation Training of a Submissive Cuckold Husband.

I've noticed how my cuckold husband....while fairly well-trained, still often tries to avoid doing his job.

When I've just had a 'fuck date" with one of my lovers, and its now "clean up time" he will procrastinate, try to disappear, start complaining and moaning and making all kinds of protests. When I pour out a big glop of my lovers superior manly sperm, that "splat" sound it makes when it hits my tits, tummy, thighs or wherever, he looks like he might be nauseous.

Once I order him to start licking it up, he tries to kiss my legs, up and down my thighs, my tits, back, calves anywhere and everywhere except where I ordered him to. He would rather have his tongue in my ass as opposed to licking up that man cream. He tries to lick my clit with the hopes that I will orgasm quickly, and forget all about him....anything to avoid having to finish cleaning me and my lovers sperm up.

No way do I, or have I ever, let him get away with that. You have to be firm and maintain control. I make sure the condom is empty, then, I make him lick it all up and swallow it all, and finally I turn the condom inside out, stuff it into his mouth and make him "tongue wash" it clean as well to make sure he gets every single drop. If its thin, I remind him that he's lucky for the sperm to be so runny, as he can let it slide down his throat and be done with it, right? If its thick and pungent.....well that's a whole other struggle and battle involving gagging and some serious force on my part.

That's the thing with some submissive males. Whether its household chores, laundry, yard work, getting punished, a spanking, (I don't have to spank him that often anymore, but when I lasts for a good hour or so and includes a caning, strapping, crop, hairbrush, OTK hand spanking etc) cleaning up messes, (including ones from my pussy or left by my lovers), they often need reminding and prompting to do their jobs. I mean a few days ago I gave him a hand spanking on the backs of his thighs for not getting the gutters cleaned out with the promise of a caning if it took to long. Granted many of the tasks he is asked to do are rather undesirable, but that's the price you pay when you are a submissive male...right?

You want access to the pussy (even if its only with your tongue)? You have to put up with my demands, the same as any other FemDom would expect. Some guys think it's all about a bit of sex now and then... well not in my world. :) 

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